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Setting up your computer for Internet Connection

To access Internet using Novus High-speed Internet Service, you well need to have :

  • A Computer or Router compatible with TCP/IP connections.
  • Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Connecting Single Computer

If you are using a relatively new computer, your computer is already setup for the Novus Internet Service. Simply connect your Computer to the Data Jack using the Network Cable(CAT-5) provided.

If you are having difficulty accessing the Internet, please review the network setting on your Operating System.

Connecting multiple computers using a router

A home networking router is commonly used to connect multiple computers to a single internet connection.

  • Simply connect your router's uplink port (sometimes referred to as WAN port or Internet port) to Novus' Network, and connect all of your computers/devices to the router.
  • Make sure that your router is configured to use DHCP to obtain an IP address. Please refer to manufacturers manual for how to setup your router.
  • A router will be seen as a single device on the Novus Network, so you only need to register router, and any computer/device behind router does not require registration.
    For detail about registering your device, please refer to Register Your System section.

Note: If you are using a wireless router, it is strongly recommended to secure your wireless connection. Non-secured wireless router can easily be identified within the wireless range, and allow anyone to "tap" into your home network.

Connecting multiple computers using a switch

A network switch is a device to connect multiple computers/devices without sharing IP addresses.

If you are using a switch to connect multiple computers/devices, each of them need to be registered.
  • To use a switch, simply connect the Novus connection and all of your computers to the switch.
  • Each device connected to the switch need to be registered with the Novus Network. The Process to setup your computer is the same as connecting a single computer.

Note: Nouvs has a limit on the number of devices you can register. Only registered devices gain access to the Internet.
Unless there is a specific reason to use switch, we recommend to use a router to connect multiple computers to the Internet, since a router can add a layer of security to your home network.